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As Americans, we are afforded the freedom we so often take for granted by the brave men and women who voluntarily serve in our nation’s armed forces. Here’s a quick look at all five of the branches of our US Military system and what they do.


The United States Army is the oldest of the service branches we have. Formed by George Washington at the very dawn of our nation, the US Army is responsible for protecting both the United States’ security and resources. The Army has multiple established bases in our nation while there are other permanent bases on multiple other continents. The Army offers a mind-blowing 150+ career options. While many think of the full time level of Army service there are part time options including the National Guard. Length of commitment varies, but some service terms are as little as 2 years.


The US Marine Corps currently has approximately 180,000 members. These men and women are stationed all over the globe and are generally the first boots to step on the grounds of combat wherever needed. A US Marine generally serves a term of 4-6 years.


The US Navy, while offering part time reserve opportunities that allow you to train close to home while being willing to serve in the US or abroad should the situation arise is responsible for protecting both air and sea security. The Navy offers an impressive 60 specialized career opportunities. Navy service time usually lasts four years but there are options for shorter service times.


Air Force
Obviously, this branch focuses primarily on controlling the air space. The Air Force operates with a three pronged mission of global vigilance, reach, and power. With over 300,000 current active duty members, Air Force training is based in San Antonio, Texas but there are bases all around the globe.


Coast Guard
While the smallest of the branches by number (41,000 full time active duty members), the US Coast Guard has a plethora of responsibilities. They are responsible for an array of maritime duties from performing rescue missions at sea to providing both safe and lawful commerce. Basic training in New Jersey combines fitness, swimming, and classroom instruction to properly prepare the men and women who will serve in this branch.


While this post could never contain everything these men and women do, we are eternally indebted for their service.