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Bomb squad experts have skills and techniques that can be incredibly useful when you apply them in the context of business. These brave and smart individuals must be able to identify threats, think quickly, and take action to eliminate those threats in a fashion that results in the least amount of harm possible. Does that sound like something a businessman can apply? It sure does.


Bombs have three main components. The first part is its power source or what makes the bomb tick and able to explode. The circuitry is the second part of a bomb. It is the circuitry that activates or deactivates a bomb. The load is the final part of a bomb. It is where the detonator or the trigger for the bomb is located. The load also contains the actual explosive that can explode and cause great harm.


In the context of business, the power source refers to the power that one person has over another. It refers to legitimate power, such as being the supervisor of a group of employees. The ability to oversee projects and perform certain critical tasks such as making investments on behalf of a firm can also be seen as a power source.


Bomb squad experts must be able to clearly identify the power source in order to disable a bomb. In the business environment, the power source of individuals must be clearly recognizable. An unrecognizable source of power in business can lead to all sorts of problems, such as miscommunication and project failures. Know your power source and make sure it is clear to everybody around you.


Circuitry in business refers to the business environment a company is in and the organizational culture a business has. It is important to understand the business environment and organizational culture if one is to be successful in making profits and staying in business for both the short-term and long-term. A failure to recognize the business environment and organizational culture can lead to a loss of a competitive edge and employee turnover.


The load in the business context refers to the capabilities a person has and the performance they have achieved. Knowing the load of your employees is vital if you are to be successful in business. Poor employee performance and a lack of capabilities can cripple businesses. Pay attention to the load of the employees and do what you can to improve it, else your business might blow up in your face one day.